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WOTS… Morehouse College has had enough!!!

According to a report on… the legendary institution is trying to get rid of all the “sagging”… all the “INAPPROPRIATE ATTIRE”!!!

That’s right!  Word is the college has set new policy banning people from wearing “saggy pants” & other forms of clothing associated w/ “HIP HOP CULTURE”!

Word is… the president of the university Mr. Michael Franklin is trying to bring back the image of the modern “Renaissance Man”

  • well-spoken
  • well-read
  • well-traveled
  • well-balanced

WELL DAYUMN!!!!  (they might as well put HIP HOP MUSIC on the list)

The college relates “saggy pants” to being in jail.  Where prisoners were unable to keep their pants up due to no belt policies…

CHECK THIS OUT… but the pants ain’t it!  Also on the forbidden list are:

  • grillz
  • do-rags
  • hats
  • hoods

WOW!!!  Well maybe this is a good thing (depending on how you look at it)… Maybe (and I mean maybe) we’ll get more “intelligent/conscious” HIP HOP music!?

“I Used To Love H.E.R.” (we could use a lot more of this)