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In the spirit of Halloween we’ve compiled a list of the scariest celebrity hairstyles we could find.

A number of your favorite celebrities are known for their love of wigs but what happens when that wig is poorly placed, poorly made or sometimes just poor looking?

You’ve got your frightfest list of celebrity lace fronts.

Nicki Minaj-

Nicki Minaj is known for her signature bob but what happens the Barbie decides to don a  long silky lace front instead?

A scary sight to see.


We love Katrina and her edgy style but we can’t say we share the same love for her Ken Doll hairlines.

Come on Trina, we’ve seen you do much better.


Brandy recently covered JET magazine with her brother Ray-J and unfortunately a number of people likened her hair to Eddie Munster from the CBS sitcom “The Munsters.”


We’d by lying if we said we didn’t see the resemblance….

Vivica Fox-

Vivica Fox recently debuted these pictures for her new wig line.

Will you be buying any?

Naomi Campbell-

Naomi Campbell is known for being a glamorous runway model but she’s also known for issues with wigs and weaves.

The stunning beauty recently shocked fans when pictures hit the net showing damage to her scalp from years of wear and tear.


Beyonce is a repeat offender of frightening lace fronts.

From her wig tape clearly showing to wigs that are just completely unappealing….

Sometimes we wish B would just wear her real hair like she did in this photo.

Lil Kim-

Lil Kim loves her wigs and we love her, but sometimes we don’t like her slicked down baby hair lace fronts.

On occasion she gets it right though, like in this picture for her Three Olives vodka ad.

Kelly Rowland-

Kelly Rowland is no doubt stylish and pretty but there have a been few occasions when her lace fronts have left us scratching our heads.

Tyra Banks-

Tyra Banks is no doubt a beautiful super model but there have been more than a few times when her wigs have been questionable.

Alicia Keys-

Alicia Keys is usually known for a head full of long flowing locks so when the singer opted to attend the Oscar’s wearing an ill fitting lace front, we we scratched our heads and wondered why….

Mary J. Blige-

Mary J. Blige is usually known for having her hair on point, so these pictures of the queen of Hip-Hop soul rocking a taped down scalp are disappointing to say the least.

Gabourey Sidibe

The star of Precious made headlines after being placed on the cover of Elle magazine.

Unfortunately people couldn’t stop talking about her ill placed lace front and accused the magazine of attempting to lighten her skin tone.


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