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97.9 The Box’s Online Editor Tami LaTrell got the chance to chop it up with MC Kane, one of the most notable MC’s in Houston who founded the Frontline Tour, a music showcase featuring the best of Houston’s independent and unsigned talent. This event has generated some major opportunities for artists in Houston and is held at the legendary House of Blues! We wanted to get with MC Kane and find out how he was able to pull such a risky strategy off and make this work. Check out the interview below!

How long have you been in the promotions/entertainment business?

I’ve been in Houston Show business for 6 yrs. 8 months.

How did you get your start?

I started off 6 yrs ago just MC’ing any party I could find. Then Lisa Rogers saw my talent and put me in the hottest nightclub in Texas at that time, possibly ever, The M bar. The rest is for the history books.

How did the deal with HOB come about?

House Of Blues and Live Nation team are a big supporter of my ideas and endeavors. When I first sat down with them to explain the Frontline concept, they were like “you’re going to pack this place with no national acts?” I replied, “and you’re going to love the show”. I live to prove people wrong when it comes to my ideas, hence my diligence and dedication. I think it’s the Leo in me. (lol)

What events has your company (Frontline Tour) had recently that helps local, indie artists gain exposure?

I’m working on my 4th Independent Artist Concert. The first 3 frontline tours have captured an audience of about 4000 people and growing, which has never been done in our city for independent aspiring artists. It’s all about running with your heart. I’ve watched this city for several years, so I know what will work and what will not. I’ve watched everyone’s moves, good and bad.

So when it was time for me to make my stamp, it had no choice but to be successful. I’m still kind of in shocked at how my idea has completely motivated and inspired the city and surrounding areas. I was in Conroe the other day, and an artist told me he’s been to 2 frontline shows, I was like, “wow”!

Is this tour open to R&B/Pop Artists or is the focus just Hip Hop/Rap?

The Frontline Tour series is open to all. The Tours’ focus is first to build and audience for the frontline brand so ALL independent artists will have a prestigious platform to showcase their music to their fans. The 2nd frontline concert had 3 R&B ACTS! ONE WITH A LIVE BAND!

If only Rap, do you plan on doing something for R&B & Pop artists too?

I plan on doing an all R&B frontline. 2011 get ready.

Why do you have a passion for helping expose new talent as opposed to just sticking with artists who have already had success? Isn’t it more of a gamble to put energy into new artists?

Yes it is a gamble. But I come from the corporate world, 9 yrs in the banking industry, so gambles are a part of my life. If I’m not taking risks, I’m not doing business. I love working with new acts because that’s where the help is needed the most. No one in this city is taking the kind of risks and gambles I’m taking and succeeding. I’ve done my homework, so I know.

I want to show all aspiring entrepreneurs that following your dreams wisely is how you succeed in this business (entertainment). Coordinated attacks, relationship building, jealous people, and just being genuine with everyone are some of the things that have helped me in being successful in Houston Show Business.

Rap-A-Lot founder J.Prince and CEO David Anderson crowned me as the hardest working man in Houston Show Business. I’ve never admitted this, but this really isn’t hard to me-at all.

What are your goals for the Frontline Tour? What would you like to see come from it?

The ultimate goal is to get exposure for any and all independent artists. My whole business concept is being duplicated and imitated, which is fine as long as you show respect and not act like you were the brainchild (lol) cause I’m all about uplifting people. The ideas with media, venue, and how to capture a fan base for an independent concert all came from a coordinated plan. I executed it and now we know have an artist, Kirko Bangz that is currently signed to Warner Bros and in heavy rotation on KBXX 97.9 The Box.

What upcoming events do you have going on for the tour or at HOB?

Well I’m working on more big concerts, but currently the concert of the year will the Screwed Up Click  (S.U.C.) Reunion at the House of Blues. This is monumental and historic to say the least. This is the first time House of Blues has opened its doors to Houston’s Legendary way of life. It will feature Z-RO, LIL KEKE, BIG POKEY, LIL O AND COUNTLESS SURPRISE GUEST APPEARANCES. It’s going to be hard for me to focus because I‘m such a big S.U.C. fan! I know the words to all their songs, now I’m booking them for concerts. God is Good!

How can independent artist sign up for Frontline Tour and get more info?

You can also check out the Frontline Tour Website for news, videos and exclusive updates.

Where can we find you?

You can follow me on Twitter @hdashkane or look me up on Facebook under MC KANE.