He may be gone, but Michael Jackson will always have game.

The late King of Pop and his iconic dance moves will live on in the form of an interactive performance-based video game set to hit stores by the holidays.

Ubisoft Entertainment announced development on the title, which does not yet have a name, at the annual E3 video game convention in Los Angeles on Monday.

Ready for some virtual blood on the dance floor?

According to the gamemaker, the game won a seal of approval of Jackson’s estate and gets its inspiration from the legendary performer’s amazing career (and some input from his executors).

“Ultimately they want us to make a game that is true to Michael’s artistry and legacy,” a Ubisoft rep told E! News.

No word yet exactly what playing a Michael Jackson video game will look and feel like, but the spokesman did confirm that it will be performance-based.

That means gamers will be able to able to sing along to some of Michael’s most famous tunes, among them “Beat It” and “Billie Jean,” and step into MJ’s shoes and emulate his most famous dance moves (which will no doubt include moonwalking, though we’re guessing not a lot of crotch-grabbing in the family-friendly fun).

The game is set for release in November, around the time Sony plans to issue an album full of never-before-released Jackson songs. It will be compatible with Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation 3 and hand-held controllers on Nintendo’s Wii system as well as work on the smaller Nintendo DS and PSP portable consoles.

A rep for the entertainer’s estate could not be reached for comment.


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