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Brother Three Thousand

Source: General / TikTok

As the battle for online relevancy continues to increase and the allure of capturing viral moments shows no signs of slowing down, yet another online personality has lost their life in an attempt to entertain fans.

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This time, it was Hong Kong-based influencer Sanqiange (also known to fans as Brother Three Thousand), who, according to news outlets, passed away not long after live-streaming himself drinking bottle after bottle of Baijiu, a Chinese liquor with a typical alcohol content of between 30% to 60%.

The binge episode took place on China’s version of TikTok and Sanqiange took part in the competition, called the “PK Challenge,” against another influencer.

From CNN:

“PK” challenges involve one-on-one battles in which influencers compete with each other to win rewards and gifts from viewers, and often involve punishments for the loser – apparently in this case, drinking Baijiu.

Earlier this year, a man from Indiana fell to his death while trying to film a video for social media. Edgar Garay, who was visiting Puerto Rico at the time, reportedly fell 70-feet off a cliff. His body was later recovered by authorities near a lighthouse in Cabo Rojo.