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Source: Victoria McGraw @victoriasaidit / Radio 1 Digital

With the release of her latest single, “Rumors,” Lizzo got much hate from “fans” who fat shamed her and felt that she was pandering to white audiences for some reason.

While she was getting hate for the single, actual fans noticed some racy lyrics involving the 6 God in which she said “No, I ain’t f*ck Drake yet.” Yet?! Lizzo’s confidence is really high isn’t it? What did Drake think about Lizzo not having sexed him up “yet”? Well, Page Six got an answer when they caught up with the “Rumors” artist and bluntly asked her what was the deal behind the rhyme.

“Lizzo then joked, “OK, so the original line was, ‘No, I ain’t f–k Niall yet.’ The label said it was a little bit provocative. So I changed it to Drake, a safer bet.”

“Horan then pressed if the rapper had heard about the lyrics, to which Lizzo boasted, “I think he’s heard the number four song in the country,” before admitting that Drake had in fact reached out to her about name-dropping him.”

Page Six reached out to Drake to ask his feelings on the line or what he told Lizzo but hadn’t received a comment yet. Lizzo too won’t expand on what the two spoke about.

Regardless we know Drizzy probably wasn’t mad at the line and given all the drama he’s going through with Kanye West, he’s got bigger fish to fry.

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