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The practice of threading hair has slowly been taking root in the United States.  This sanitary method of hair removal removes the entire hair follicle, revealing lasting results.  The detail required for hair threading makes it only suitable for the face, and one of the better options for facial hair removal.

Threading works by gliding thread across one’s face and trapping individual hairs while doing so.  Although this sounds painful, it feels a lot like tweezing.  One perk is that it is so much faster.  Each hair is still tended to individually, but they are removed one after the other, making getting eyebrows done take about 2 minutes.  Threading can be done for any hairs on the face, making it an easy and quick solution.

Unlike shaving or waxing, threading is extremely accessible.  All that is necessary is some thread and someone who knows what they are doing.  It’s sanitary in that after you’re done, you throw away the thread.  There is no reusing or any sharing involved.  Because of the detail involved in threading, it is a lot easier to shape your eyebrows the way that you want to.  With waxing, the materials are not as managable and it is harder to give your eyebrows the definition that you want.

So give it a shot! Get some thread and find someone at a salon that is familiar with this method.  This short process could change your life, and you may never have to deal with sticky wax and popsicle sticks again!

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