A 23-year-old Defensive Lineman at the Minnesota State University appeared on The Price is Right with a few of his teammates over Spring Break. Jeffrey who is a senior at the university, was Spring Breaking with his three buddies when they decided to hit up The Price Is Right game show for some fun. Jeffery […]

The Price is Right contestant, Danielle Perez has been making news lately ever since her episode aired on TV. Last night Jimmy Kimmel had Danielle on his show to talk to her about her episode on The Price is Right. She wasn’t upset about any of it, the prizes weren’t an issue with her at all. […]

Who remembers when one of the Price is Right’s veteran models accidentally gave away a car? In late March, Manuela flipped the cards too quickly revealing the winning card before it was time. Well, now in May, the Price is Right is up to another embarrassing moment again when Danielle Perez was called to “come […]