JAY-Z made sure to address one of the biggest stories of the week during his Friday (October 27) concert in Anaheim. The NFL has been dealing with another controversy due to Houston Texans owner Bob McNair. An ESPN report revealed that McNair said, “We can’t have the inmates running the prison” in reference to the players at an owners’ […]

The along awaited NFL and NFLPA meeting was today that also included the team owners. Today’s meeting was largely to discuss the subject of taking a knee or sitting during the anthem. The meeting was considered a “productive meeting,” and the players aren’t going have a rule change that will require that they stand. After […]

Last season, the 49ers strong safety Eric Reid was the only other player to start sitting down for the anthem along side then teammate Colin Kaepernick. Now, Reis is speaking out in the NY Times about why he joined Colin Kaepernick in the taking a stand during the anthem last season. In his open letter […]