People keep asking me whether I’m still friends with my work wife EX-wife (Jasmine Crockett). We’re good! A couple of weeks ago she embarrassed me on social media, but I wish her well. I tried to act like her actions didn’t bother me, but let’s keep it real: I was hurt. READ the full story here. I […]

By now, you’ve probably heard that my Work Wife EX-Wife is the new face of deception and shadyness. I surprised her with floor seats to the Anti World Tour (starring Rihanna & Travis Scott) and asked her to attend 97.9’s Prom Night with me June 16 at Grooves of Houston (powered by Suit Mart & […]

Yup, it’s official: Good Guys Finish Last. I asked my work wife & Radio-One Web Editor (Jasmine Crockett) to Prom and surprised her with floor tickets to the Anti World Tour a couple of weeks ago. What does Jas do to repay me? She asks Ro James to attend the event with her… WHILE I’M […]

97.9 The Box’s Madd Hatta held his annual “Hatta’s 100” contest where he chose 100 male students to receive school clothes courtesy of Suit Mart! Check out the video of all the lucky winners! Special thanks to Shabana Motors and Suit Mart! Related Stories: Back-to-School Immunization Locations House Passes Bill Saving 161,000 Teaching Jobs How […]