Lace Locks is a new and innovative, clip-on fashion sneaker accessory that is dedicated to adding personal style to footwear. With licensed designs from MARVEL and PEANUTS, Lace Locks has developed a creative collection to help consumers express their own personal style. Lace Locks is the first-ever worldwide patented sneaker accessory that is simple to attach to your […]

Imma be honest: Peanuts’ Charlie Brown always depressed me as a kid. LOL It seemed like he was always sad and down in the dumps. Even though, I didn’t particularly care for the cartoon and comic strip, I recognize that it is an animated classic! It wasn’t until recently, that I grew a deeper appreciation […]

The "Peanuts" comic strip character Snoopy was named the top dog in pop culture by the American Kennel Club on Tuesday as part of its 125th anniversary celebration, beating out a college sport mascot.