The Chicago Bears No. 2 overall pick, Mitchell Trubisky was asked to promise to the Bears GM Ryan Pace that he would show up to camp in the same 1997 hand-me-down Toyota Camry car that he drove throughout college years. The Bears got what they asked for because Trubisky did just that, he showed up […]


This has to be the worst feeling in the world. I have no idea what this NBA rookie was thinking when he pulled this move… SMH! This video makes you feel like when you’re in public with your main girl, & your sidechick just wants to make sure you see her. LOL! Follow Us On […]

The Houston Texans’ rookie safety KJ Dillon and the other defensive backs celebrated their annual dinner party at a nice restaurant. And by the end of the night, KJ Dillion found himself with the bill that came out to $16, 255.20 bill for the entire table. This isn’t something new, but it doesn’t look like […]