The second of Donald Trump’s three wives, Marla Maples, once insisted that if he ever ran for president, she’d find a way to take him down – and that time may be now.

If you’ve worked in an office, I’m sure that you’ve had something that you brought from home and put in the work fridge and later find out that someone helped themselves to your item. And I’m also sure that most people know exactly what I’m talking because they’re that person who steals your stuff without […]

An upset Washington wife used her husband’s power tools to exact a little revenge.  According to “The Olympian,” Carolyn Paulsen-Riat was arrested for tampering with her husband’s tools in order to give him an electrical shock.  On January 1st, the 33-year-old’s spouse was “knocked to the ground” when he tried to use his table saw.  […]