People have been prone to put plenty of things in soda. Pop rocks, especially. But we just found out that apparently back in the day (and even now), people from the South put peanuts in Coke! RELATED: This Grandma Accidentally Bought Her Six-Year-Old Grandchild A Rated R Book About Coke & Vagina RELATED: Did You […]


Lace Locks is a new and innovative, clip-on fashion sneaker accessory that is dedicated to adding personal style to footwear. With licensed designs from MARVEL and PEANUTS, Lace Locks has developed a creative collection to help consumers express their own personal style. Lace Locks is the first-ever worldwide patented sneaker accessory that is simple to attach to your […]

Imma be honest: Peanuts’ Charlie Brown always depressed me as a kid. LOL It seemed like he was always sad and down in the dumps. Even though, I didn’t particularly care for the cartoon and comic strip, I recognize that it is an animated classic! It wasn’t until recently, that I grew a deeper appreciation […]