On Tuesday, a British TV station was broadcasting more then just their nightly news when the anchor didn’t realize that there was porn being viewed behind her. The obscene broadcast happened during Sophia Raworth’s report on England’s cricket victory over South Africa. The Sun reports that Sophia’s news report showed a woman’s seductive strip down to […]

Kristi Capel, an Ohio morning news anchor for a Fox affiliate, seemed to have been in awe of Lady Gaa Gaa‘s melody she sang in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the musical, Sound of Music, during the Oscars this past weekend. In fact, she general has a hard time understanding Lady Gaa Gaa‘s vocals when […]

If/when you watch the news broadcast these days it seems that you can anticipate saddening instances being discussed in your community. The local robbing, stabbings, murders, and incidents of child abuse become apart of the daily rhetoric. But, every now and then you have those occasions where a good samaritan does something nice or helpful […]