Alicia Keys is the Box Blessing Wednesday feature of the week of the week.  She talks about the power of words. Check it out below!

I support the hustlers!!! Jef Jonsin has been on before. Last time you heard from him, he was in France performing for Kanye West… IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. ON TOP OF HIS TOUR BUS!!! (He gets extra credit for creativity, timing, & hustle credit) My homey is back state side and back […]

Word on the Compton block is that Dr.Dre is bout’ to be THE MAN with the plan! Well, more like the man with the key.. TMZ reports: Mayor Aja Brown tells us she’s reached out to Dre’s camp to offer the honor to commemorate his entrepreneurial spirit, and no doubt … that pending $3.2 billion deal […]

I was fiddling around with my keys trying to get into the house and it hit me. How many of these keys are useless? So I did a quick count, it was 11. SMH. It was like a history lesson in my life. Keys from old apartments, P.O. Boxes, cars and gym lockers. There is […]