Dear Jeremih, if you are having such a lousy time on tour with PARTYNEXTDOOR, maybe you should just bow out. Don’t bring the fans into it, bruh. I’ve been disappointed after hearing whispers that it wasn’t really you performing in Houston on Thursday. SMH Did Jeremih Have An Impersonator Perform For Him In Houston? [VIDEO] I work […]

Well, I’ll be damned! Fans are saying that wasn’t really Jeremih performing at the Summers Over Tour in Houston On Thursday night. I was in attendance and something smelled fishy from the get go because it was basically like watching a silhouette sing and dance. WHOEVER was on stage was in a dark, baggy hoody and […]

Check out this funny video of Trey Songz talking about Phill Wade who you remember did the hilarious impersonation of Trey that became a viral success with well over 1 million hits!