It’s called the American Dream and this 33-year old Mexican-American woman is not only living it, but telling us how she got there. Julissa Arce went from making $340,000 a year banking job to writing a book and becoming a public speaker about her “rags-to-riches rise” to owning a foundation that helps children of immigrants. […]

A Harrisonburg, Virginia waitress was giving the shaft during her shift recently. Sadie Elledge works at Jess’ Lunch and during Monday’s lunch time rush, the 18-year old waitress, who was already uneasy with one particular couple got hit with the ultimate diss. After serving the couple the meal and ringing them up for two gyros […]

I came across a video “An American Alien” that I thought would bring light to a world that society tends to tip-toe around. June 2015 marks the second year of Immigrant Heritage Month and I believe that it will help lots of people understand the journey of loved ones, friends and family who travel to […]