Icey Life

Icey Life frontman Dice Soho drops some new heat right in time for 2017! “Ripped Jeans” has been floating around on social media for about a month. I think I need some credit in this video. I see a few high schools we hit during, “The Radio Boss School Tour”, but I’m not going to say […]

Dice Soho is working overtime, as the year comes to a close. His new single “Ripped Jeans” has been picking up steam as well. After a break out year full of touring & knocking out features, he still made time for his community. Right in time for the holiday season, the “Icey Life” turkey giveaway […]

This is how you take a selfie! Earlier this year Trill Sammy, Dice Soho, & myself hit Dekaney HS. I love to see the young artist from the city living & having fun! Check out the latest behind the scenes of Trill Sammy & Dice Soho in LA. Keep pushing & making us proud young […]