A 12-year-old kid recorded a teacher deliver a nearly 7-minute profanity laced lecture. “If you don’t give a f***, then I don’t give a f***. If you don’t give a f***, then I don’t give a f*** ,” said the teacher at DISD’s Holmes Middle School. “I’m gonna tell you the truth, you f***ed it […]

So what would make August Alsina stop his set, jump off stage and curse out the audience and threaten to start a riot??? Somone took his hat.  SMH. I understand wanting to get your belongings back, but is it really worth all this? What if someone would have hurt him? What if he reall did cause a […]

It’s your boy J Mac and I wanted to know do you think people curse more or less frequently than they did  50 years ago?  Find out what some of our listeners had to say below in todays J Walk.  And let us know what you think by voting on our poll below.