That moment when your ex-boyfriend’s girl is wearing the same halloween costume… lol… CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PICS! Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone Tit For Tat: Karrueche & Rihanna Battle Neck & Neck For Chris Brown’s Affection Rihanna Puts Chris Brown To Bed, Karrueche Likes It [PHOTO] Rihanna & […]

Hey guys we had a chance to have some fun in the kitchen with award-winning executive chef Art Smith. He has not only been a personal day-to-day chef for celebrities, he is also co-owner of several restuarants and the recipient of culinary’s highest awards. He has made it a point to share some knowledge on […]

We all swoon over the fabulous, over-the-top nuptials that we see in the gossip magazines and on blogs. But, let’s be real. The normal, everyday…

These two, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are entertainment moguls who have each been scrutinized for what others would measure as outlandish behavior. With Kim’s infamous sex tape co-starring music artist Ray J and Kanye West’s unwarranted lash outs at award shows and well, just about everywhere, these two never fail to keep their name’s […]

Before all of the money, before all of the fame, and before the could afford a stylist, these celebrities were caught on camera….the yearbook that is.  It’s always entertaining to see your favorite celebrity in his ol skool threads and looking like a nerd.  Check out our funny celebrity yearbook photos. Spotted @

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For the average American woman, the end game of a committed relationship is to end up exchanging vows of love and fidelity with their beloved.…

Here at HelloBeautiful, we are all about loving yourself for who you really are.  So why don’t celebrities promote that also? There’s nothing like some self-confidence.

Ever wonder what your favorite celebrity was like as a teenager? Well, MTV has been airing episodes of its “When I Was 17″ series since Saturday, May 1. The series shows how artists’ lives are different from the average viewers’… or how they are the same. Check the gallery below to see some flashback photos […]

Eve is the latest artist to run into tax troubles, as the rapper/actresses tax bill recently landed online. According to The Detroit News, Eve owes over $357,000 to the IRS in deliquent state and federal taxes. The IRS in Los Angeles filed two liens against her in January 2008, one for $242,245 and another for $56,597. In January of 2009, the Los Angeles IRS filed two more liens against Eve, one for $29,439 and other for $29,059. In January of 2010, Eve placed her four bedroom, five bathroom Los Angeles mansion up for sale for $2,295,000. In February, it was revealed that Eve was a part of the federal government’s investigation into her ex-boyfriend, Teodorin Nguema Obiang, son of President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea. Obiang is accused of setting up a number of front companies, including one in honor of Eve named Sweet Pink Inc. He then allegedly laundered hundreds of millions of dollars in corrupt funds that were reportedly illegally diverted from Equatiorial Guinea’s gas and oil reserves.

The gorgeous singer Chante Moore is 43.  Looking good mama!

2009 was a big year for celebrity comebacks, with Mickey Rourke, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears and Courtney Cox steppin’ back into the proverbial spotlight. But something tells me that 2010 is going to be even better.