Toned, lean, strong and fierce. These are the words that come to mind when I think of a dancer’s body. I know all of us…

Robert Davis Jr. a/k/a DJ Screw passed away 12 years ago today He is the creator of the Chopped & Screwed DJ technique and recognized as one the most important figures in Southern Hip-Hop history. Sadly, he was only 29 when we lost him. He was widely known for his “Screw Tapes” that were mainly […]


10 years ago today marks the passing of Robert Earl “DJ Screw” Davis Jr. Founder of the Screwed Up Click which gave birth to many of H-Town’s greatest rappers such as Lil’ Keke, Fat Pat, Big Pokey, ESG, Big Hawk, & The Botany Boys. He was known for his trademark slowed-down mixes also known as […]