Check out my Hardbody Hotty of the day, Kendra Lachon. I’ve known the homie for years. I’m very proud of her grind & work ethic. Magazines, Blog Sites, Photo Shoots, etc… She’s KILLING it. (Bang Bang) Follow & Enjoy!!! Instagram: KendraLachon (Followers 25k+) Twitter: KendraLachon (Followers 2.5k+) Follow Us On Instagram + Vine!!! 979TheBox […]

Looks like our “Good Girl Gone Bad” is using her fame for a lot of good this year! Rihanna is now extending her role with MAC to help raise money for AIDS Awareness. Their goal is to use the Viva Glam campaign to raise 40 million dollars. “Buying the lipstick is the most important part. […]

  Rihanna hit us with her “Pour It Up” video last week and we were left feelin’ some kind of way.  Some were not phased at all, some were pleasantly surprised, some were sickened, some could care less. That all came just shortly after her Twitter beef/rant with socialite Teyanna Taylor. Nonetheless, Rihanna does a […]