I love Propain’s music because he actually rhymes about things with substance. I respect him for staying in his own lane and going against the grain. In the end, what he’s doing is all that’s going to matter. His brand has the ability to grab the hearts and ears of people for the next 20 […]

If you hadn’t checked out Propain’s “Against All Odds”, you’re tripping. Not only is he one of the cities top lyricist, he’s quietly building his catalog. Plenty of solid features from Kevin Gates, Slim Thug, Sauce Walka, & more. The single “1995” is killing the streets right now! Produced by GnB, it’s an instant classic. […]

Propain is one of my favorite young rappers from Houston because he actually tells stories and has substance. Unlike a lot of artists nowadays, Pro makes music that we’ll all want to be jamming 20 years from now. Keep up the great work, man. I can’t wait to hear more from your upcoming project “Against […]