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We got back to regular messy order on Love & Hip Hop last night. We learn that Juelz might not be on the only person heading to jail this season, Mariahlynn and Kimbella are Yandy haters and Nya Lee and Sidney Starr’s “beef” isn’t finished cooking.

The episode kicks off with Jonathan waiting to get some botox done. He is joined by LHHNY B-lister Mariahlynn and eventually Sidney Starr. Immediately things get messy when he asks Starr to revisit the fallout between herself and her former Rich Dollaz appointed “mentor” Nya Lee. She explains she felt Lee attacked her womanhood and after hearing her side understood where she was coming from but also believed Nya Lee meant no harm. Mariahlynn absorbed all the information, and it’s going to play a role later as to her opinion of Lee we will touch on that in a second.

Jonathan while getting his injections decides it will be a good idea if himself, Sidney, Mariahlynn, Kimbella, Nya Lee and Cyn all take a trip to a struggle wine vineyard upstate. Liquor and catty women don’t mix well on this show, so you already know things are going to get interesting, and they did not disappoint. Thing’s get messy from the moment Nya and Sidney see each other, but Sidney, for the most part, wanted to bury the hatchet between the two of them begging for Nya’s friendship back. Nya wasn’t trying to hear it at all and believes Starr isn’t being sincere and just wants to use her for her “industry connects.”


Nya disregards Sidney’s apology, and the group moves onto stomping grapes with their feet. After a few glasses of wine, Sidney sees this as another opportunity to ask for Nya Lee’s forgiveness stressing how much she misses their “friendship.”Cyn who had no real reason to even chime in asks Nya why did she “buck up” at Nya Lee last time wit Starr explaining she just did it to get the Lee to shut up. That comment doesn’t sit well with Nya and begins to bully Starr who really doesn’t want to fight but gets all up in her grill in typical Love & Hip Hop fashion, but no fists or wigs flew.

Moving on but still at this struggle get away the setting changes to a sitdown with Kimbella, Mariahlynn, Nya Lee and Jonathan. For some reason, the conversation shifts to Yandy and her adopting Infinity and immediately Jonathan is not here for it.  Mariahlynn being a foster child herself thinks Yandy is full of it and says they should take her with a “salt of grain.” YES, SHE SAID THAT!

Kimbella’s gets in on the Yandy hate train, but Jonathan refuses to join in on talking about his friend. His decision does not sit well with the Yandy haters club and Kimbella storms off first and then followed by Mariahlynn. While walking away, Nya Lee says “oooh child” setting Mariahlynn off. Already feeling some sort way about Lee from the story Sidney Starr told her earlier, Mariahlynn tries to get in Lee’s face before the Love & Hip Hop security separates the two. Lee is brought to tears because of Mariahlynn trying to “test her gangster” forcing her to show a side of herself she’s trying to move on from. Meanwhile, Mariahlynn is talking trash from the truck, these two are a mess.

Last but not least we head to Mississippi where Rich is present for Miracle’s hearing and is trying to make sure the mother of his daughter doesn’t end up in jail. We learned last week, Miracle shot her husband and she is looking at some serious jail time. Things are not looking good out the gate, Rich is livid that she took on a public defender, and on top of that they learn the judge is not comfortable offering a plea deal to Miracle at the moment. With no plea deal that means the case will now go to trial and even though Miracle’s lawyer feels her argument is strong, Rich still is worried that his daughter’s mother didn’t take this seriously enough.

As you can imagine Twitter had thoughts about this mess, you can see all the reactions below.

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