I wrote a story about the 8 simple tricks to get sexy that had all points centered around more sleep. I thought it was interesting and informative.

When I related the story to my co-hosts of The Madd Hatta Morning Show and JJ from the Midday show they immediately thought they had the 8 simple tricks of what I perceived “Sexy” to be but they based it on knowing me or at least their perception of me. I found that the 8 tricks they gave to me, based on me, were absolutely hilarious.

These people do not know me was the first thing that came to mind. Here is there list of what is “Sexy” to me.

1) Money!
2) No debt!
3) All black everything!
4) Bullet wounds/scares are optional!
Ex. Because the song I made in 2007, a line from “After The Club.”
5) Health-Fitness!
6) Confidence
7) Keepin’ it Ole Skool at all times!
8) and finally, Intelligence!!!

Well…maybe they know me a little bit!!

1. Money


2. No Debt

No Debt!

3. All Black Everything

All Black Everything!

4. Scar


5. Health-Fitness


6. Confidence


7. Ole Skool

I keeps it Ole Skool at all times!

8. Intelligence