1. Stroke You Up (1994)

R. Kelly did that for Cassandra Lucas and Charisse Rose aka Changing Faces when he used his freaky mind to write a song from a women’s perspective.

2. Splackavellie (1998)

Admit it you can’t wait for the song to get to the part where he goes “Spell my name S-p-l-a-c-k-a-v-e-l-l-i-e”. It’s OK you aren’t alone.

3. Under (2009)

Pleasure P left Pretty Ricky and gave us this jewel about going “downtown” and we thank you for it.

4. Grind With Me (2005)

Speaking of Pretty Ricky they came out the gate hard with this one.

5. Birthday Sex (2009)

It’s hard to wait 364 days to play this song. But when your birthday does roll around……..you have to pull out the Jeremih.

6. This Lil Game We Play feat. 702 (1994)

Subway didn’t have many “Good Time” (the name of their debut CD) but they did leave us with one.

7. I Belong To You (1997)

Rome released six albums between 1997-2014 but nothing he did stands out like this classic slow jam.

8. Dance For You (2011)

I mean c’mon. You knew Beyonce was gonna make the list. The question was what song.

9. Cater 2 U (2005)

Speaking of Beyoncé. This right here! This right here! It’s what every guy wishes his gal would say to him after a long day.

10. Falsetto (2007)

The Dream has written a gang of hits for everybody from Beyonce to Usher but he killed it with this one he kept for his personal stash.