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Cyntoia Brown

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Supporters of Cyntoia Brown have been rallying on her behalf to see that she have her life sentence for murder commuted, considering Brown says she was a victim of sex trafficking.  With the news that Brown will soon see Freedom, many on Twitter are reacting to the news.

Brown, now 30, was at the center of an August 2004 case where she agreed to meet and have sex with a 43-year-old man in Nashville, Tenn. After traveling to his home, Brown shot the man and returned stolen goods and the man’s vehicle to her pimp. Brown admitted to committing the crime after initially stating she acted in self-defense although that was thrown out in court. She was sentenced to 51 years to life in prison, serving 15 years thus far before today’s announcement.

In that time, supporters of Brown and anti-sex trafficking advocates have rallied around her in a bid to gain her freedom. Brown has also rehabilitated her life to a satisfactory degree, which was noted by Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam in his statement. Brown will go free in August of this year, which has garnered an explosive reaction by celebrities and others via Twitter.

We’ve collected some of the reaction to Cyntoia Brown’s clemency below.

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