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On the third anniversary of Colin Kaepernick first taking a knee on the football field and with Jay-Z’s recent partnership with the NFL (despite the fact that Kap is still without a job), it’s important to point out that Kap’s partner Nessa ALWAYS HAS HIS BACK.

Most recently, the popular radio host went to bat for her man disputing Jay’s claims that the rapper had spoken to the former professional football player about his deal with the NFL.

On Wednesday (August 14), Nessa tweeted “THIS is a lie. COLIN never spoke to Jay-Z and NFL ahead of that deal being done. They NEVER included him in any discussion.”



Be clear: Nessa wasn’t done.

She re-posted the video Colin shared to mark the three year anniversary of his protest’s start to emphasize that her beau’s activism has always been about using his platform to raise awareness around the social injustices that Black and Latinx folks face in America. That, and to be clear she ain’t worried about anyone’s rapping idol.

“And I don’t care if you are in your feelings because I used ALL of my platforms to hold your idol accountable from my posts here to my daily afternoon show on NYC’s very own HOT97,” she said.

Adding, “I’m not scared of the “backlash behind the scenes.” Shout out to all the people though texting saying they support but don’t want to say it publicly. Don’t worry I’ll do it lol I’m sure you know by know I don’t give a fux addressing anyone slighting my family.”


So to celebrate this couple’s fearlessness and dedication to one another, here are some pictures of the two, being the fierce and in-love activists they are.

To freedom y’all!

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