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BMF Episode 206 Images

Source: Courtesy / Starz

This week’s episode of BMF was titled ‘Homecoming.’ Meech and Terry return to Detroit from Atlanta with a product and a new technique to flood the streets with BMF product. Meech links up with Sterling and the PA Boys to continue his quest to kill Lamar. Click inside to read the full recap of BMF Season 2 Episode 6.


BMF Episode 206 Images

Source: Courtesy / Starz

The Flenory’s had two goals upon returning from Atlanta, move their newly acquired work and kill Lamar. Meech (Demetrius Flenory Jr.) hit the ground running as soon as they touched down. One way that Meech planned to kill two birds with one stone was to link up with the PA Boys (who he had come in contact with while visiting K-9). He helped them fight some rival gang members to forge the relationship. While in conversation with Mo (Kash Doll), Meech shares that he’s planning to take out Lamar once and for all. She advises him that he can’t use street logic to get a street dude.

Meech gets word from Terry that Nicky now has a job sweeping at a beauty salon. This gives him the idea to  move weight and clean money through the place of business (much to the distain of his little sister). Nicole peeps what’s going on and approaches her boss about it. She tells Nicole that everyone is grown and she shouldn’t be tripping. Meech comes up with another plan when he pulls up on K-9. Rayzin (one of K-9’s workers) hips Meech that K-9 owes a Colombian connect $20 million dollars and refuses to pay him. Whether it was on purpose or not, K-9 isn’t able to give Meech a re-up.

Meech brings the idea of going to the Colombians behind K-9’s back to Terry. Tee believes the idea is too risky. He would much rather mess with B-Mickie, who is offering to give them a few keys to check out until K-9 taps back in. Meech ends up listening to Tee and going with the B-Mickie option. After Meech shows his appreciation for B-Mickie, B-Mickie’s guilt starts to kick in. He takes off his hat (which has a wire connected to it) and points outside to indicate that the cops were outside listening. Meech gets the hint and immediately takes off. B-Mickie follows Meech and tries to apologize, telling Meech he didn’t have a choice. Meech responds that there’s always a choice before peeling out.


BMF Episode 206 Images

Source: Courtesy / Starz

Terry (Da’Vinci) is officially back in the game. After she approaches him about it, Terry admits to Wanda that he’s working with Meech again. He reassures her that he’s only doing it to take care of her and their child. His baby mother wasn’t the only one he had to break the news to. Tee had to break the news to his parents and his teacher who stopped by the house to offer him tutoring. He explained to them that the school route wasn’t fast enough, exciting and generally just not for him.

Tee continues to live a double life. He picks up Markisha and her kids in the rain after they were apparently through out of their home by Boom. Tee gets them a hotel room, brings them food and a game system to play with. Things seem to be going well until Markisha questions Tee about his living situation. He tells her that his baby mother and child still live with him. The two discuss whether they love the other people in their lives or not before Markisha asks him to leave. The next day, Tee returns to a letter than Markisha left him seemingly breaking things off with him.

Wanda has inclinings that Tee doesn’t want to be with her after they have a slight argument about their family pictures and his missing belt. Desiree, Wanda’s mother, further puts negative thoughts in her head about Terry after the photo shoot. She tells Wanda to listen to her heart and lets her know that she knows what she needs to do. It’s revealed that Wanda has not only taken Tee’s belt, but also his brush, socks, chain and jacket. What is she planning to do with all of his belongings? Is she making another mistake?


BMF Episode 206 Images

Source: Courtesy / Starz

B-Mickie’s life has changed forever. His relationship with the Flenory’s is very rocky and his past with Kato (and the discovery that she was carrying his child) are starting to haunt him.

Meanwhile, Detective Jin is becoming increasingly suspicious of Bryant. He informs her that he’s setting up another sting with his CI (B-Mickie). He adds that he took two bricks from interrogation to try and catch Meech with. While surveilling Tee and Markisha (who happen to be having sexual relations), Jin and Bryant hint they’re attracted to each other. Although we don’t see it, it’s assumed that they end up taking each other up on the offer on the table.

Detective Jin pulls up to B-Mickie’s spot as he and Detective Bryant are talking. She explains that she’s only there to make sure he’s as comfortable as possible for the big sting. When it comes time for it to happen, the two cops are outside waiting for enough evidence to go in and arrest Meech. After they realized something wasn’t right, they rush in and find that B-Mickie has ditched his wire. Realizing the danger he’s now in, B-Mickie goes to see his mother before he plans to flea the city. As the episode concludes, B-Mickie is abducted and put into the back of someone’s trunk. Whose was it though, Lamar? Detective Bryant? BMF? The answer will change everything for the rest of the season.


BMF Episode 206 Images

Source: Courtesy / Starz

Still on the loose, Lamar’s reign of terror continued this week. In the first five minutes of the episode, he killed Sockie (a BMF member) outside of the record store. His next move was a little less crazy than some we’ve seen in the past but still crazy nonetheless. He gets into a fight with a white guy, bites him and steals his dog. He ends up naming the dog Blacky. Lamar later runs into Mo and introduces her to his new best friend. He explains how he and the dog had things in common (being underdogs, perceived as monsters, not being able to develop attachments because of constant movement).

As Lamar is leaving a corner store, two PA boys think they have the drop on him. WRONG. Lamar ends up shooting and killing both of the hitters that were sent to take him out. How much longer will the Flenory’s allow Lamar to terrorize the city? Is he the one who grabbed B-Mickie? Will he stay away from Mo? There are so many unanswered questions in regards to Lamar.


BMF Episode 206 Images

Source: Courtesy / Starz

Trying to turn a new leaf and forget about the stress in their lives, Charles tells Lucille to put on her best dress because he’s going to take her out. While at dinner, Lucille exposes that she believed he was having an affair with sister Riley at church. She goes on to say that she knows he’s a good and faithful husband that wants the best for the family. Charles tells her that he’s proud of her and apologizes for not being able to give her everything he heart desires. He then doubles down on his lie by specifically by telling her that he isn’t cheating on her with sister Riley and he’s committed to her.

As good as it all sounded at dinner, it wasn’t the truth. Charles goes over to Mable’s house to tell her that they have to end what they have. He lets her know that he wants to work on his marriage. In true Charles fashion, he again folds to temptation. Mable seduces him and they have sex again. Will this continue? If so, when will Lucille find out?

Speaking of finding out, we need answers on the B-Mickie abduction ASAP. Also, what’s Meech and Terry’s next move when it comes to the Colombians and K-9? Their decision could make or break their empire. Is Markisha going to change her mind about dealing with Terry? Drop your thoughts on the sixth episode of season two in the comments and also let us know what you think will happen next week!

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