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Last week on Black Ink Crew, Ceaser’s struggle press conference came back to bite him in the a**. This week, his girlfriend’s fake booty will force him to make a tough decision that could affect his business.

Ceaser Is Still Down In The Dumps About Cheyenne

As expected, Ceaser is still in his feelings about not being able to see his daughter because the court held him in contempt because of his press conference. To stay out of jail, he had to sign a restraining order. After confiding in Teddy, Ceaser calls his mom to vent, and she expresses sadness that her son can’t see his daughter. Like a great mom, she tells her son she will pray for him and that it will all work out eventually, and Ceaser concludes it will all work out for him in the end.

Puma To The A Is Looking Like A Thing

While it seems to be all bad news for Ceaser, things are looking up for Puma. He takes a trip to the A and stops by Chase Village, where he quickly learns that he has been made a partner. Puma was also gifted an acre of land. That’s great news being the Quani has been stressing him to move the family to Atlanta after their brief stint in the city during a previous visit.

Puma quickly calls Quani to tell her the good news, and, of course, she is excited at the prospect they now have land to build their own dream home. Those dreams are quickly dashed when Puma returns home to talk to Quani, and he brings her back to reality. Puma tries to tell his wife there are still many things he has to take care of before they up and move, and Quani doesn’t take the news very well.

Oh well.

Teddy Is Still Pushing Krystal To Take Rok off Her Record

Yes, they are still trying to make us believe that Teddy’s record label will be a thing and that Krystal has a future as a rapper. Teddy is still pushing her to take Rok off her record so he can push it, but Krystal is being hesitant because Rok is still dealing with his brother, who is recovering from a bad car accident. It looks like the Teddy and Krystal experiment is ending, and we couldn’t be happier about that.

Suzette’s Fake Booty Is Ceaser’s New Issue

Ceaser and Suzette finally have a much-needed conversation after Teddy puts the battery in his back that his girlfriend isn’t being as supportive as she could be. Keep in mind Teddy doesn’t like Suzette. Also, we noticed that Teddy did not rock with any of his cousin’s love interests. That’s another discussion. We do understand Dutchess, but he has a bone to pick with Suzette. After Ceaser expresses that he feels his girlfriend isn’t holding up her end of the bargain emotionally, she reveals that she has been dealing with her own health issues.

Before becoming Suzette The Realtor, she was a booty model and got some illegal butt injections to enhance her assets which she credits to her success. Now, her biggest asset is her biggest pain because the silicone in her posterior is making her sick and could lead to severe health implications from spreading throughout her body. She will need to have an MRI to determine exactly how bad the spreading is, but most likely, it will require her to head to Colombia to fix the situation, where she will have to remain for 45 days, and she wants Ceaser to come with her.

Ceaser is not with that because he just got his businesses back on track and feels he can’t be away from them for 45 days. Suzette thinks her boyfriend is being selfish and feels this situation will “make or break” the couple.

Anyway, Suzette gets the MRI done, and it is indeed as bad as she thought. The silicone has spread from her butt throughout her body and is also affecting her ovaries. The news is devastating enough that Ceaser says he has to make Suzette’s health a priority and will accompany her to Colombia to get the surgery.

Based on next week’s trailer, tempers will flare between the couple while she is recovering.

Viewers had some thoughts about the episode. You can peep them in the gallery below.

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