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Let me just freshen up real quick

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Twitter is often a minefield of nonsensical debates, and a question posed by one man had users on the social media platform debating the finer merits of washing one’s legs in the shower. Amazingly enough, the topic, excuse the pun, has legs and sparked a discussion that we’re not entirely sure lands anyone on a solid end result.

Conor Arpwel, who tweets under the handle @Arpwel, posed an innocent enough question to the timeline Thursday (May 9) that one can view below.

With well over 59,000 votes and six days left for voting, Arpwel’s question has gotten under some folks’ skin somehow. This was true for Twitter user @MizTeeFranklin, who took notice of Washington Post Express writer Sarah Kelly’s response to Arpwel’s question, which after some examination of her account, appeared to be a joke. This is not a diss towards @MizTeeFranklin as we agree not washing a fundamental part of your body is indeed quite nasty.

At any rate, it appears that Arpwel was just having a little Twitter fun and had no idea that his question would incite such outrage. We’ve collected some of the responses from Twitter below.

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