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Cardi B went number one on the Billboard Hot 100 this week; here’s how we’re celebrating.

19 Photos Of Cardi B’s Bodak Booty  was originally published on

1. That’s a whole lot of ass.

That’s a whole lot of ass.

2. Get low booty.

Get low booty.

3. BET booty.

BET booty.

4. All white everything booty.

All white everything booty.

5. Back that booty up.

6. Modest booty.

Modest booty.

7. From the front, booty.

From the front, booty.

8. Sexy booty.

Sexy booty.

9. Side booty.

Side booty.

10. Fan love booty.

Fan love booty.

11. Uncensored booty.

Uncensored booty.

12. Peek-a-boo booty.

Peek-a-boo booty.

13. Relaxed booty.

Relaxed booty.

14. Pink latex booty.

Pink latex booty.

15. Hip hop booty.

Hip hop booty.

16. Sheer booty.

Sheer booty.

17. Furry booty.

Furry booty.

18. Strip tease booty.

19. Bad b*tch booty.