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Every year people make a list of goals and resolutions that they’d like to complete for the new year when realistically half the stuff on their list doesn’t even get done. Here are 10 resolutions that don’t always work.

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1. Cleaning Your House Regulary

Cleaning Your House Regulary

They cleanliness is next to Godliness so it means your house should be clean all the time right? Wrong! Between the craziness of life, jobs, kids, house guest and the pesky cobb webs that keep forming no matter how many times you clean it, you’ll be lucky to just have your house standing! (Source: Everyday Power) (Photo Credit: ThinkStock Photos)

2. Drink More Water

Drink More Water

Your doctor says it, and your mother probably tells you too! Drinking more water helps your skin, but it’s so hard when juice, soda, coffee, and alcohol taste so much better.

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3. Stop Eating At Night

Stop Eating At Night

The whole “stop eating at night” thing comes from wanting to work out more to be fit. But sometimes you’re sitting comfy on your couch watching a show and you just want a nibble or 5 at that.

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4. Don’t Get Mad Over Small Things

Don’t Get Mad Over Small Things

Getting upset over spilling water on your shirt or not being able to find a matching earring is no way to go through life, but sometimes (probably all the time) it’s not your day and you have to vent and get it off your chest no matter how petty it is.

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5. Workout More

Workout More

Getting a gym membership in the new year sounds fitting. New year new me means you’re starting fresh. But if you’re really not in it and you don’t want to change, you’ll waste a lot of money on that gym.

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6. Time Management

Time Management

Now, this isn’t impossible to do, but many people have failed many times because the number of things their doing mixed with the tediousness of getting it all in check can get real stressful real quick!

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7. Meeting New People

Meeting New People

Meeting new people intentionally never really works, especially when you’re thinking about doing it. Instead, most people meet others through work, other friends, walking down the street and sometimes weird and crazy events.

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8. Don’t Talk Politics

Don’t Talk Politics

In today’s political climate, it’s almost impossible to not talk about politics in any way, shape or form. However, if you do, make it a meaningful conversation.

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9. Finding Love

Finding Love

Like meeting new people, making finding love as part of your active goal for the new year can cause you stress and blind you to what’s around. Dating apps have helped people find their special one, there’s no denying that but what happens if it doesn’t work?

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10. Eating Healthy/Dieting

Eating Healthy/Dieting

People can easily get carried away with the idea of eating healthy to lose weight and feel better. However, jumping into that lifestyle can be very hard and result in failure if you’re not used to it. It’s best to take baby steps before going cold turkey. But it’s also really easy to stay in the baby step stage too!

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