The Associated Press WASHINGTON — First lady Michelle Obama hooped it up for health – hula hooped, that is – managing to get in 142 swivels before her hula hoop hit the ground.It was all for a good cause – encouraging kids to get more physical activity and eat better. The first lady hosted a […]

Latino population is set to nearly triple by 2050. This month, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien journeys into the homes and hearts of a group destined to change the U.S. Witness the evolution of a country as Latinos change America and America changes Latinos. October 22, 8 p.m on CNN Click here to learn more about CNN’s […]

Chris Brown debuted his second single “Crawl” from his new album “Graffiti” in stores, December 10, 2009.

Via: ABC 13 The HEB store on South Street in Alvin sold the single winning ticket for last night’s huge “Lotto Texas” jackpot. That ticket is worth $76 million. The “Lotto Texas” numbers were 9, 20, 27, 42, 51 and 53. No one had won “Lotto Texas” since May 6th. We still don’t know the […]

Via: NEW YORK — Microsoft is banking on Windows 7 to breathe new life into a PC world where most computer users are running XP — an operating system that was released in the early days of the Bush administration. Experts expect that PC users will change their operating system for the first time […]

So we come in for work 2nite & Ron EG is all hyped up bout this video he just saw… Apparently a bus in Russia was running w/ NO BRAKES when it reaches an intersection… hits another car & BARELY hits a pedestrian crossing the street!!!! CRRRAZY… 1st the baby getting hit by a train […]

THIS JUST IN… “Lil Wayne will be forced to plead out to a jail term in New York City on Thursday.” – According to KN sources… Weezy will be accepting an 8 month bid in the slammer for his involvement in a gun charge that took place in ’07 (Weezy was supposedly on the […]

Rookie Brian Cushing was named AFC Defensive Player of the Week for Week 6 on Wednesday, becoming the first rookie to earn the award this season. Cushing is the first Texans defender to win the award since defensive end Mario Williams took the honor in Week 1 of the 2007 season. click here for story 

Some people just don’t know when to fight and when  not to fight.This guys gets beat up at a store whats worst is that the people around it thinks is cool as a little kid sits in the basket and watches all hmmm not good and if you are gonna fight someone be a man […]

Straight out of Huntsville, Alabama… the rapper who brings you his new single “Fresh”, calls H-Town his “second home” CHECK OUT THE FOOTAGE OF “6 TRE G”… on Kracker Nuttz TV

Now by now some of us already know that Wu Tang members Meth, Raekwon & Ghostface have gotten together to make a new album… NOW it looks like another member of the clan wants to join in on all the fun! WOTS… RZA loves the idea so much he’s gonna try to make himself a […]

Fans of Kanye West were given an online treat… only to be taken away! WOTS… Mr West’s short film collabo w/ director Spike Jonze “We Were Once A Fairytale” was pulled from the rapper’s website shortly after making its online premiere There’s no word on why Kanye pulled the video… only a message from the […]