OK. Before Jimbo puts his hateful spin on this. I thought I would beat him to the punch. Here is the video from 2007 when I lost a bet to Chile that the Cowboys would beat the Texans in a pre-season game. Along with the Jimbo Badamation.

Gilbert Arenas continued to dispute media accounts of his recent locker-room confrontation with teammate Javaris Crittenton but conceded Saturday night that he used “bad judgment” just by having three firearms on Washington Wizards property.

Hip-hop star Bow Wow had to issue an apology over the weekend after he allegedly took part in illegal activity on New Year's Eve. According to TMZ.com, Bow Wow spent December 31st partying with the likes of Akon and Chris Brown at the LIV nightclub at the Fontainbleau in Miami.

Atlanta producer Shawty Redd is in custody awaiting charges on first-degree murder. Redd, real name Demetrius Stewart, was in his home with another unidentified individual on the early hours of New Year’s Day. At some point, the two became embroiled in an argument, and the unidentified male allegedly threatened the producer. Redd then obtained his firearm and […]

Find out what went down between Usher, Bey and Jay!! Hopefully this is just another RUMOR!!!

I have been playing Fantasy Football for 4 years. As a matter of fact I’m in three different leagues and I was fortunate enough to make the championship in my newest one. (I’ll let you know if I won Monday). But I had no idea how much money employers lose if you take just 10 […]

Every year people look at January 1st as a day to start fresh. It serves as a benchmark for change and a new beginning. This is the year people are determined to 1). lose weight, 2). quit smoking, 3). spend more time with family and loved ones, 4). get out of debt, 5). leave that […]

Check out this new mixtape, featuring Jay-Z's Black Album acapellas and Blue Print 3 instrumentals.

LeBron James celebrated his 25th birthday in Cleveland the day before NYE. From the looks of the picture above, we see all of these gentleman came correct with the “All Black Everything” gear and poppin’ bottles.

WOTS... sneaker heads can expect the limited edition "DJ Premier Air Force 1's" to hit shelves later this month on the 9th...

Check out Tiny Gallon (Oklahoma) goin for a pass, missing the alley oop, BUT breaking the backboard on his way down! (nice effort)

269 feet... put it in the record books! IT'S OFFICIAL!!!