Here comes the bride — and VH1 cameras will be on hand to catch every detail! The network behind Brandy & Ray J and What Chilli Wants has inked LaLa Vasquez and Carmelo Anthony, to a new docu-series about their forthcoming July 2010 wedding and all of the planning that will go into getting ready […]

So, Rihanna made a stop in Hamburg, Germany during her “Last Girl On Earth” tour and, while performing, she attempted to channel the late, great King Of Pop Michael Jackson by moonwalking across the stage. Well, at least we think she’s moonwalking. We’re not sure what the hell that was. And check out our original […]

From Used as either the butt of a joke or the subject of Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” documentary, hair weave hasn’t been taken seriously for years. However today, that changes as government officials are requesting just that to help in the containment efforts of the BP oil spill.

Photographer Derek Blanks has come out with a new alter ego photo shoot. This time he channeled Prince’s Rolling Stone cover with vanity.

If you’ve followed Wendy’s radio show, you know Wendy offended Whoopi and her daughter. If you didn’t, Whoopi is one of the many people that Wendy dished the dirt on by saying things like Whoopi is ugly, looks like a monkey, and a drug user. She also said that her daughter, Alex, had a cocaine […]


Kelly Rowland plays Fif’s leading lady in the new clip. Click here for Video 50 Cent’s ‘Baby By Me’ Video,