JRSportBrief lets off his first shots of the New Year by calling out some athletes, managers and team owners on what they need to make…

Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s sextape sales shot out of the roof once the announcement that her and Kanye West were expecting their first child together on Sunday night. TMZ spoke with Vivid Entertainment who claims that “Kim K. Superstar” on-demand sales went up 80%, which was the biggest increase since Kim married Kris Humphries. […]


(Undated)  —  Residents in Wellington, Kansas now have a limit on the number of their feline friends.  As of January 1st households in Wellington can only have a total of four cats.  Previously there was no limit on the number of cats someone could own.  The measure was a reaction to the increasing number of […]


  (Undated)  —  It seems a pair of “Oompa Loompas” were up to no good in Norwich, England last week.  According to the “Norwich Evening News,” police arrested two men dressed as the orange-skinned, green-haired characters from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” early Thursday morning.  The suspects, along with another man and a woman, are […]


If J-Mac popped a Molly this would be the result!!

Hol Up, Hol Up, Hol Up, Whoa Dere!! Just when we thought Evelyn Lozada was falling for the banana in the tail pipe, the Basketball Wives star is denying that she and ex-husband Chad Johnson are back together. On Monday, New Year’s Eve day, Evelyn posted a blog on her official website  saying that her and […]

Fantasia caused a bit of controversy for some anti-gay comments she made on Instagram Sunday night. The singer, apparently responding to some criticism aimed at…

The new year is just getting started, but Jay-Z is already looking ahead to New Year’s Eve 2014.  The rapper told the packed crowd at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center Monday night that he plans on continuing to celebrate New Year’s Eve with Coldplay at the Brooklyn Nets’ home.  He told the audience that his goal “is […]

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Rapper Lil Flip insists that it is not “Game Over” on his fight with the law over a recent arrest. The Houston-based artist was arrested…

Ne-Yo plans on slowing things down in 2013.  After taking the stage on “MTV’s Club NYE 2013” the singer told the show’s co-host, Snooki, that he plans on bringing R&B back to its roots in 2013.  He says he wants to see “slow jams” become popular again.  He adds that he hopes that R&B will […]

Harris County continues to have the dubious distinction of having the most D.W.I. fatalities in the state, but there were none this New Year’s holiday…

Reports of gunshots have been reported at the AMC Theaters near West Oaks Mall. Early indications are the shots rang out in the parking lot…