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Important news parents: Teaching your children about “sex” can be complex. You may be confused about what age is appropriate and what language is appropriate to use. has information about how this necessary conversation should go. Ease up the pressure and find out how to do it. Via Parents often ask, “How old […]

Is it possible that a gum commercial could bring you to tears?  Even the blackest heart might drop a tear or not.  Watch and see if you get caught up in your feelings.  :)

via Global Grind Christmas is not for another 3 months, but there’s an 8-year-old who is asking Santa for something EXTRA SPECIAL this year. Ryan penned his letter to the North Pole a little bit early, because he felt as though his gift was super important! His wish? For the kids to stop bullying his […]


Mom’s are intricate, and influential beings in their children’s lives. Moms help to mold their children into productive, functioning people of society. They are loving, providing, beings who we depend on for survival throughout the entirety of our lives. They are teachers who lead by example. Their affection, support and encouragement help us along the […]

The buzz-worthy couple Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose have been quickly deemed as not so good parents. The two display their new addition and first child, son Sebastian on Twitter. Khalifah is seen warmly embracing the little one even giving kisses to his mini-me. Where then is the criticism stemmed from? Well, some did not […]

This dad allegedly beat his daughters with an electrical cord after finding out they made a twerk video on Facebook! Related Stories Kiotti’s Wild Video Of The Week [Twerking Gone Wrong] Twerkers Gone Wild [ Warning 18 and Up] Kenya Moore On Porsha Stewart: ‘Some People Twerk For A Living”

The Today Show conducted a play date experiment with children to see if the caps on medication containers really worked. Take a look at the video to see how it all turned out!

There’s all kinds of dolls for the kids.  There’s dolls that wet, make noise and crawl.  There’s hour glass shaped dolls, out of shape dolls, dolls of different races and I can go on. But right when you thought the world couldn’t top any of those dolls, imagine a doll made for pre-teens (under 12-years […]

Renowned educator Dr. Steve Perry from TV One’s inspiring show Save My Son, shares an important message about one of the biggest issues regarding our children: LYING. Check out the video below as Dr. Perry gives parenting tips about why children lie. Make sure you tune in to Save My Son w/ Dr Steve Perry every Wednesday 9/8c only […]