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via: One of the more striking things about holding a new iPhone model is how your old iPhone, which seemed perfectly sleek and adequate just an hour earlier, can suddenly feel slow, clunky and heavy. It’s a neat trick, one that Apple is betting on to help it ship new units to existing iPhone […]

Sooooo yes, there’s a new iPhone today. It’s called the iPhone 5.       SOURCE

Honey Boo Boo teaches the United States Air Force a better way of organizing the videos recorded from spy drones. Check out the video below!

VIA: Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Forget 34.5 miles per gallon.  Come the year 2025, cars and light-duty trucks will be required to get 54.5 mpg under new standards announced by the Obama administration on Tuesday. So what does it mean for you besides fewer trips to the gas station?  Advocates say two things: savings and […]

via: Wow, imagine MJ and Magic going up against Kobe and LeBron. Whooo weee! That would be a sight to see. Well, let’s face it, in real life that ain’t gonna happen. But in the world of video games, it’s gonna be on and poppin’! Read more at

Could this be the new Iphone 5? check it out    

via: Hackers posted online what they say is login information for more than 450,000 Yahoo users. The hack, which of course was conducted anonymously, was meant to be a warning, according to the Web page where the documents were dumped. Read More

via: So Facebook wants to make a smartphone. Not just a nice app that it sorely lacks right now, but a piece of hardware that it supposedly will design, with the help of a half-dozen former iPhone and iPad software and hardware engineers it has hired. Read More

via: CNNMoney’s Laurie Segall and HLN contributor Mario Armstrong tell us how to keep your Facebook page employment-ready. See More  

via: (CNN) — If you want to salute, race or flirt with other drivers in Nevada, you could soon be out of luck with some cars. That’s because on Monday, Nevada became the first to approve a license for “autonomous vehicles” — in other words, cars that cruise, twist and turn without the need […]

We have just learned that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced Monday that Instagram has been purchased by Facebook for 1 billion dollars. Zuckerberg sent a message out via his facebook wall about the good news: I’m excited to share the news that we’ve agreed to acquire Instagram and that their talented team will be […]

via: (CNN) — Seriously, iPhone fans? Just hours after Instagram, a mobile app that lets users layer pre-programmed filters over their photos to achieve maximum hipness, launched on Google’s Android operating system Tuesday, the snark began. Read More