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A bizarre shooting took place at a Reidsville, North Carolina home earlier this week. is reporting that Lonnie Irvin Pinnix was arrested Tuesday for shooting his wife with a gun full of toilet paper. Darlene Pinnix reportedly returned home to find her husband in an agitated state. She proceeded to lie down on the […]

Listen to the Mel Gibson Mad Song by the A.T. Thuggz.

A Russian businessman is paying thousands of dollars for a blinged-out souvenir from this year’s World Cup. The U.K.’s “Orange” news is reporting that the man paid slightly more than 30-thousand dollars for a Vuvuzela covered in white gold and encrusted with precious stones. Jeweller Klemens Pointer won’t reveal the man’s name, but says they […]

(Undated)  —  A New York woman filed a sex discrimination suit against Citibank Monday, claiming she was fired from her job because she was just too good looking.  Debrahlee Lorenzana had high-profile attorney Gloria Allred by her side as she talked about her former work environment and the male colleagues she says complained that her […]

(Undated)  —  A Florida man called the cops last week after getting to know his neighbor a little too well. says police visited a home in Martin County last Wednesday after receiving a call that a man was exposing himself in front of kids.  A 56-year-old man was reportedly outside with his family when […]

(New Port Richey, FL)  —  Setting a filing cabinet in her office on fire to get out of work a few hours early has left a Florida woman in jail.  Michelle Perrino from Pasco County was employed at the Bayonet Point Oxygen Clinic in Port Richey last May when the fire started in a filing […]

ANOTHER CASE OF BAD UNDERSTANDING, An 18-year-old Massachusetts man will probably think twice the next time he decides to rob an ATM. According to KABC-TV, David Haskell became stuck inside a Bank of America’s ATM last Monday morning. The teen reportedly climbed on top of the ATM, kicked in the drywall ceiling, and dropped down […]

Father’s Day takes on a whole new meaning for one Indian man. “The Times of India” is reporting that a man named Ziona and 161 members of his family live in the same house in Mizoram, in Northeastern India. Ziona’s 32 wives and 94 children live in the home, as do his sons’ kids. One […]

I am willing to trade my 32gb ipod touch 3rd generation and a quarter of DANK. blue dream straight outta cali, the ipod is in PERFECT condition. not one scratch it has been in the case the whole time and has never had the screen cover removed!!!! let me know!!!!

Law enforcement agents in Brazil’s northeastern town of Pinheiros trekked and canoed for nearly two hours through rugged terrain to arrest a 54-year-old man accused of fathering eight children with his two eldest daughters, a top regional investigator said. Pinheiros Regional Police Chief Laura Amelia Barbosa told CNN that Jose Agostinho Bispo Pereira — who […]

As if she didn't have enough press already, sources are reporting that Pop-Diva Lady Gaga was caught in her bra and panties, flipping off the paps at the Padres and Yankees game yesterday at Citi Field!

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