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RiFF RAFF set down with XXl Magazine and explained how to make the ultimate Valentine’s Day card for that special someone. Check it out below!  

1. “We need to hang out again, it’s been too long!”   2. “I’m on my way”   3. “I thought I was following you already.”   4. “You’re the only person I’m talking to.”   5. Texting “LMAO” or “I’M SCREAMING” Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone 6. “I’m not […]

Wilson Football company tweeted out a picture on Sunday of a deflated football to remind us about the football incident that took place back in 2015 called “DeflateGate.” Wilson Football @Wilson_Football The work begins tonight in our football factory. #WilsonFootball #SB51 #Falcons #Patriots 9:37 PM – 22 Jan 2017 The game that everyone remembers happened at Gillette Stadium when the New England Patriots defeated […]

Yesterday during the Falcons vs Packers game, Twitter started to blow up at the sight of Fox NFL analyst Troy Aikman with claims that he was “The White Jay Z”. Aikman was there covering the NFC Championship game when the viewing audience basically called him the rapper, song writer, business man and investor, Jay Z’s doppelgänger. […]

The myth, the man, the legend, Scott Sterling is back defending his team in the Volleyball Championship. And Sterling’s team was looking for him to help pull off the win.  Check out the recap of Scott Sterling’s epic clutch performance LMAO!

Check out this Walmart employe who was flexing for the gram get caught mid flex by his boss LMAO!

DJ Khaled went undercover as an Uber driver.  Check it out below!

Youtuber Crank Lucas made this hilarious video of how local rappers get to cocky and arrogant when they steoin the booth and still haven’t done nada.

This has to be one of the funniest and randomest commercial I have ever seen.  If you don’t believe check it out for yourself below!

A girl went in to get her wisdom teeth pulled.  After the surgery her brothers convinced her there was a Zombie Apocalypse on the ride home.  Of course she was still under the influence of pain killers and believed them.  Check out this hilarious video out below!

Here’s some of the funniest If Young Metro don’t trust you memes!

Gucci Mane is back with another hit just in time for the holidays. This one’s called “St. Brick Intro”! Enjoy!