Good Morning H-Town

The disgraced R&B singer is expected to be sentenced on May 4, 2022, after a federal jury found him guilty on sex trafficking and racketeering charges on Sept. 27.

On Sunday (October 3), the Tallahassee rapper/singer/producer took to social media for the revelation, frustrated at the careless nature of her caregiver.

Florida is known for all kinds of weird moments and foolery, but yesterday a video of a man capturing an alligator with a trash bin might’ve been the wildest thing we’ve seen from the Sunshine State so far.

On Wednesday (Sept 29), during a performance for BBC Radio One's Live Lounge, Lil Nas X performed his recent cover of the Country legend's hit song, "Jolene"-- prompting the icon to react with excitement.

Hov is advocating for the release of a fan that reached out for help in his 20-year bid behind bars, caused by what he describes as "a substance that has become the ultimate green rush.”

If you love drama, wild animals and white people train wrecks, you have a nice surprise coming to you by year’s end. Netflix is giving us a second season of its hick…I mean, hit docuseries Tiger King. That’s right, good people, get ready for the return of the commander-in-blonde-mullets, Joe Exotic, his rival […]

The Toronto rapper faces up to 22 years and eight months in prison for allegedly shooting Megan Thee Stallion in 2020.

Who better than Megan Thee Stallion to coach us in achieving the perfect body?!

Beyoncé shares a heartfelt, handwritten note to fans thanking them for their love and well wishes on her 40th birthday.

Jennifer Hough breaks her silence on The Real about the harassment she endured from Nicki Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty.

Consider Paul Wall amongst the wave of celebrities who aren't jumping in the shower every single day.