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Media Takeout – Our insider claims that Jennifer may have been SEXUALLY ASSAULTED by an employee of the airport. click for story!

Jersey Shore's Snooki is interested in her own reality show entitled Snookin' For Love - and now, our her wish has come true! She's getting offers!!!! "Definitely there is no set thing, but it has been talked about," said the guidette. "I got offers from VH1 and other reality networks."

Tuesday, January 19th, Omarion will be live in the studio with the Krackernuttz at 9pm. Be sure to tune in as the ‘Ice Box’ singer  discusses his new label, his new look and the new album “Ollusion” In Stores Now! Omarion will also be doing an in-store at Music Depot so make sure you stay […]

Could it be? Is the "Booty-Monster" joining the cast of Fox's hit show "Glee"?

Nothing is totally confirmed, BUT it looks like the unofficial "Idol couple" are getting back together!!!

No it's another joke about her drunk acceptance speech @ the "Palm Springs International Film Festival"! (BUT... it's definitely a great lead into what she has comin up!)

Is Ms Bootylicious gettin her own video game? Will she be starring in one?

LOS ANGELES — James Cameron’s Avatar had a $41.3 million weekend to shoot past Star Wars as the No. 3 movie on the all-time domestic box office charts. Next stop, The Dark Knight. click for story

The 2010 Golden Globe Awards took place on Jan 17, Sunday, at the Beverly Hills in California. Congratulations to Mo'Nique who walked away with the Best Supporting Actress Award for her role in the film “Precious.”

Sandra Bullock said Friday she donated $1 million toward Haitian earthquake relief, and Madonna announced she gave $250,000 toward the effort as celebrity aid continued to pour into the devestated country.

The clouds are gray, the scorched earth is gray, and the age-old nuclear ash falling from the sky is gray. If you look closely at Denzel Washington, as he saunters in slow motion through a bombed-out hotel lobby full of rotten-toothed ruffians, you can see that his hair and beard are flecked with gray as […]

Snoop Dogg is taking his new role as Creative Chairman of Priority Records to heart and making additions to the label’s growing roster. click for story!