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Jennifer credits hard work for her progress..not majic pills or cream… click for story!

Coming together to remake the classic “We Are The World”, Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie pulled together a slew of artists to remake the magic first created with the help of the late Michael Jackson. Of those to appear on the guest list, Jay-Z actually pulled a disappearing act as the rapper was nowhere to be found in the fray of the Hip Hop community. Read more to find out why!

Terry McMillian is geared to release a sequel to the bestselling novel Waiting to Exhale this year! Finally!

Complex magazine did an interesting feature on celebrities takes on interracial dating based on the whole John Mayer controversy.

Evander Holyfield needs a lesson in how to fight with his words rather than his fists! Candi, the legendary boxing champ's third wife, has filed a temporary protective order against Holyfield due to domestic abuse!

According to the good folks over at TMZ, Dr. Dre that he hasn't received a check from Death Row since he left as a producer and artist in '96. Now that Suge Knight is out the picture, Dre can sue the new Death Row Records and get the money that he deserves. Read more of what TMZ had to say now!

After seven years modeling for Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues, Jessica White is arguably the most successful black model in the magazine’s history. With the latest edition out this week, White spoke with Bossip about her career and to kill certain rumors.

During a recent visit to New York, her husband Nick Cannon got a jump-start on his Valentine's Day shopping where he picked up some edible gifts for the two to enjoy together.

“The View’s” Sherri Shepherd’s ex husband Jeff Tarpley is asking her to stop talking about him and their divorce.

Last night, E! aired the new “True Hollywood Story: Basketball Wives” episode. NBA wives and girlfriends spoke about the perks and hardships of their newfound lifestyles.

Check out Aretha Franklin’s new Snickers commercial to see who you could become. Maybe it’s Aretha Franklin. Maybe it’s Liza Minnelli. Maybe you’ll just have to watch.