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Work is driving her crazy!

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Working for the man isn’t the easiest thing to do. A 40-hour (sometimes more) work week is something that takes up a solid portion of your life, so you might as well enjoy it, right?

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Whether you’re sweeping up, laying people to rest or you’re Oprah’s assistant, every job has its ups and downs. And while you shouldn’t go running when you start getting frustrated, you should know what your breaking point is. If you don’t, we’re here to help.

Here are the signs that you should get a new job:

1. Small talk makes you cringe

2. You fantasize about hurting a coworker

3. Your passion is nonexistent

4. Your boss is terrible and there’s no way around it


5. Your disdain of your job is starting to effect your physical health


6. Your soul cannot stand working for someone


7. Everyday is a struggle to get moving

8. You have no work-life balance

9. When you complain all the time and your friends are like…

10. If you haven’t received a raise in a year

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