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Lord, too many people have attempted to be bold with the animals at the zoo!

A woman recently taunted a lion at the Bronx Zoo in New York after hopping the protective barrier. The incident was captured on camera and pretty much signified that the lady may have not been in the right mental space to pull off what she did.

Zoo officials have considered her act a violation of zoo rules and unlawful trespass that could have resulted in “serious injury or death”. Now of course, she wasn’t all that wild because there was a moat that separated her and the lion and the lion had to be thinking, “Look, if I attack this woman, they’re gonna do something to me. But if the woman attacks me, what am I supposed to do, not be me?”

Luckily, we in Houston don’t have those problems and before the Isiah Factor Uncensored takes off nationwide, Isiah Carey had the most hilarious response to the whole situation.

“A clear example of when grown-ass people need their asses whopped,” Carey introduced the clip. “This woman got her stupid ass in the lion’s enclosure at the Bronx Zoo with a real lion. Who does that?! Especially not black people, our roots may be in Africa but we don’t mess with Simba like that anymore!”

Leave it to Isiah to keep it real.

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