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While the masses still grieve for Nipsey Hussle some good news has come from this tragedy. The gentleman who was also hit in the shooting has been given his freedom back.

As reported by Page Six Kerry Lathan has been released from a detention center in California on Saturday, April 20.

The Los Angle native witnessed the assassination of the “Racks In The Middle” rapper on March 31 where he too took a bullet to his back. Upon his release from the hospital, he was promptly put into police custody. As a felon who served 25 years for murder being with a known gang member was in direct violation of his parole terms.

Luckily the legal system was able to apply common sense to his situation. His lawyer Lauren Noriega claimed that the 56-year-old was at the scene by chance. “He wasn’t there to propose any business to Nipsey. He had no idea that Nipsey would be there” Noriega explained. Previous reports alleged Nipsey was meeting him to give him free clothes.

Lathan suffered a stroke while in custody and still has the bullet lodged in his back. His representative said he started crying when was told he would be let go.

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