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Folks are creeped all the way out by a “prank” video that crosses the boundaries of brotherly love.

Chris Monroe has made a name for himself on YouTube by carrying out a number of “prank” videos that gain millions of views. The appropriately named ‘PrankInvasion’ channel mostly features clips of Chris kissing women in the most sly way. Usually, they have to agree to a game and if they lose, he gets to kiss them. Participants include everyone from Hooters waiters to Starbucks employees to strippers.

Smells sleaze-bally…

But of course, the audience is there, considering Monroe has over three million subscribers.

However, it seems most of his audience reached their limit when Monroe’s latest prank involved kissing his sister.

Monroe prepped the video by claiming the woman, Kaitlyn O’Connor, wasn’t his full sister but his half-sister. Monroe said he wanted to do “something big” for his followers after he disappeared from his channel for six months because of a hack.

Little did they know that “something big” meant smooching a blood relative.

“I’ve tried like five times to ask her, but I’m so nervous because she’s my sister, and I don’t want her to think I’m crazy,” Monroe said in the video. “I feel like such a creep, I’ve literally been stalking my sister upstairs for like the past hour.”

Yup, definitely creepy.

In the clip, Monroe finally makes it to his sister’s room and shockingly gets her to agree to a game of “rock, paper, scissors.” If he wins, he gets to kiss her.

Of course, he wins.

O’Connor is clearly hesitant to carry out the dare at first, saying, “No stop, I don’t want to kiss you. I can’t kiss my brother.” But then, she leans in for a peck and releases herself.

Okay, it’s over with.

Done, right?

Nope. THEY KEPT GOING. They both lean back in for a long, lip-centric smooch. At one point, Monroe even pulls his sister in closer to maintain the chilling moment.

When it was finally over, Kaitlyn said, “I never want to do that again,” while Chris complained, “What I do for YouTube.”


Folks were not here for the incest-y puckering.

The clip was viewed over 2 million times, however it received over 89 thousand thumbs down compared to 17 thousand thumbs up. The comment section was also filled with disgust. One commenter wrote “I think my eyes are bleeding. Half sister, full sister, cousin sister, cousin. It is nasty.” Another commented, “BTW NOBODY ASKED FOR THIS VIDEO!!! JUST SO WE’RE CLEAR.” One person even argued, “This is definitely not the first time they have done this.”

Some viewers said it seems like Monroe uses actors for some of his kissing pranks, so it’s possible O’Connor wasn’t really related to him.

However, according to Metro, an Instagram post back in March seems to confirm they’re related when Monroe wrote, “Had such an amazing time with one of my little sister’s @coutureforever on St. Patrick’s Day! You’re my half-sister but it honestly doesn’t feel like it— so thankful we’ve stayed so close all our lives. Go follow her and show her love! If this photo gets 30,000 likes…me and my sis will kiss on YouTube!”

The pic received 41,000 likes.


Why Internet?

If you can stomach the YouTube video, you can check it out below.


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