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Lil Rarri

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WhyJae is back to being WhyJae.

After going for Lil Rarri for a year and some change, the hard headed rapper from a little ways down 45 South jumps back into the bars by jumping on Drake’s jiggy style “4 PM In Calabasas” beat. Frustrated with everybody playing characters like Mortal Kombat, family members still hitting licks without their identities held and more, Jae lets loose for three minutes of bars.

Here’s a sample, in between Martin clips:

“Rap game so lame, I had to think twice /

Damn, n*gga how y’all go and f*ck this up /

Was passing out clout and I forgot to pick my sh*t up /

Is it cause I ain’t tat my face or beat my b*tch up /

Or scream “Trey Way” then snitch when I get picked up? /

The sh*t ridiculous, I mean, honestly pull the facts out /

Many n*ggas spitting ’bout dope, ain’t seen a crack route /

Many n*ggas claiming a gang, ain’t seen a trap house /

Then they get to snatchin’ ya chain and you wanna tap out /

This sh*t is wack now, oh I’m sorry this sh*t is cap now…”

Yeah, a little something like that. Hear the rest below.

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